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A Titan Falls | Playstation 4 dominates Xbox One at E3

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Last night through to the early hours of this morning here in London we witnessed the opening conferences of E3. Without going off on tangents with SO MUCH to discuss we are going to look at the main focus of E3 2013 and what all the buzz is about; Sony's dominance over Microsoft in the next generation console wars.

The controversy of Microsoft implementing 'Always Online' and no Secondhand/Used Games market with the Xbox One console was still up in the air last night as they did not address the elephant in the room. Providing a great demonstration of new games such as Ryse: Sons of Rome and Titanfall before announcing the £429 price and release in November 2013 proved futile as the question everyone wanted answered was merely avoided... again.

Enter Sony and their Playstation 4. Although I found the Sony conference dull with too much emphasis on the games (not that the games are a bad thing) but not enough on the console itself they still managed to blow everyone away after the 2hours dribbled by.
Announcing that the PS4 will use disc based games and there were no restrictions on usage, enabling gamers to share, sell and buy used games as they wished and also no 'always online' brought a smug end to the Playstation conference. Not to mention an £80 difference from the Xbox One having Sony's PS4 retailing at £350

But what's in the box?

Xbox One comes equipped with:
- Xbox One Console
- Kinect sensor
- Xbox One Controller
- HDMI Cable

Playstation 4 comes equipped with:
- Playstation 4 Console
- Dualshock 4 Controller
- HDMI Cable
- Headset

I strongly believe that unless Microsoft consider apologising to their fans and remove some of these restrictions. They may well and truly dissolve in this generations console war!

Look for more posts regarding E3 over the next couple of days!

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