Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Xbox One & Playstation 4 | Pre-order for £599.99

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I spluttered.

Amazon have enabled consumers to pre-order both Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 for a staggering £599.99. Along with this they have posted a disclaimer (as shown in the screenshot above) stating that "There are no official prices announced for Xbox One products" and their pre order price guarantee will mean you are charged the lowest price on release. But seriously?


That is a hefty sum Amazon are predicting the next generation console to price at on release. We saw the Xbox360 priced at £279.99 in 2005. We here at V | G | A are predicting the Xbox One between £300-£400 way below Amazon's bold prediction. Then again it could work out well for both Sony and Microsoft to see the reaction from the community in time for E3. The Playstation 3 hit UK shelves March 2007 at £425 to uproar, perhaps we're in for a shock or (hopefully) a pleasant surprise come E3.

What are your thoughts?

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